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All Access Auto Pay

$0 Enrollment FEE!!

Save 50% off Full Size Products at sign up, PLUS get 50% off other full size products 1 week from date of sign up or upgrade!!!

Now NO red tape! $0 enrollment fees into All Access for new members or members coming off a freeze, no time commitment! Cancel anytime easily online anytime or choose from one of our Freeze Options to save your pricing and perks and give some sessions during your off time!The best deal to truly relax and utilize our equipment the way they should be used to benefit you!

FREE MONTHLY GIFTS after 2 drafts! Ask us for details!!

  • Get daily access to any UV equipment!

    Get daily access to any Massage equipment!

    Get daily access to any Red Light equipment!

    Get daily access to any Infrared equipment!

    Get 30% off most of EVERYTHING we carry product wise! The only package that allows this type of discount!!

    Bring a Guest Pass- bring any new local client to try any 1 of the above services for free, get an online code to refer new clients to save 50% off new client specials and get $15 in store credit for new member referrals!

    Get access to Spa Self Serve Kiosk to skip a line for Spa appointments!

    Ability to book our Top Level Tanning/Red Light Bed! Other members reserve that for $15 free.

  • Get 4 Free Up to Double Color Spray Tans monthly! Daily access to Level 1 Bronze Sprays as needed which include Face sprays and Moisturizer Sprays!

    Add on 4 Sample Packets Monthly for just +$20

    Add on 1 family member +$85, Add on 2 family members +$160 , Add on 3 family members +$225 , Add on 4 family members +$280

 **1st month due at sign up,  1-Day notice is required to change to a lower plan, freeze, or cancel, cancellations are handled online only, membership changes must be done in store, freezes may be done online or instore. Account will require a back up card on file after 1st decline. Balances may be paid with cash or alternate card. Price listed includes a $15 pay on time discount applied each month, if payment is not recieved by end of day draft is due the balance will increase by $15 for that month, payments are due regardless of use. -- OPEN-ENDED AGREEMENT -- auto-renewal will occur on the date of the month that you signed up (for example, if you sign up on the 5th, your package will auto-renew on the 5th of each month until you cancel) -- any month to month purchases made on the 28 - 31 of the month will be drafted on the 28th of each month, other rules and restrictions may apply.  IF YOU PREVIOUSLY HAD AN AUTO PAY THAT WAS CANCELLED A REACTIVATION FEE OF UP TO $100 (goes by package price) WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT, IF PREVIOUS AUTO PAY WAS CANCELLED DUE TO BREACH OF TERMS THE BALANCE OWED FROM PRIOR WILL ALSO BE ADDED AS WELL AS A BACK UP CARD ON FILE WILL BE REQUIRED** 


$100.00 monthly