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1-A-Month Auto Pay
  • Get 1 Service each month (rolls over if unused) Inlcudes everything except Teeth Whitening, Double Leg, and  Double Dark Spray Tans.
  • Extra services 50% off single sessions priced $21+ prices after free one each month.
  • Perfect for infrequent visitors!
  • Complimentary robe if doing multiple services.
  • Santized footwear provided.

-Fine print, cannot do more than one device that emits red light in 1 day, cannot use mutliple sauna services in 1 day, Hybrid UV units counts as a red light, if using the POLY during a POD session it also counts as a red light session. If using spa services we encourage spa use before tanning, usage limits may apply to protect our equiptment from sweat/lotions. 




** $30 Enrollment Fee , 1st month due at sign up, 1 full draft required before freeze, downgrade, or cancellation may occur. Once full draft has been met there is a 2-Day notice is required to change to a lower plan, freeze, or cancel, cancellations are handled online only, membership changes must be done in store, freezez may be done online or instore. Account will require a back up card on file after 1st decline. Balances may be paid with cash or alternate card. Price listed includes a $15 pay on time discount applied each month, if payment is not recieved by end of day draft is due the balance will increase by $15 for that month, payments are due regardless of use. -- OPEN-ENDED AGREEMENT -- auto-renewal will occur on the date of the month that you signed up (for example, if you sign up on the 5th, your package will auto-renew on the 5th of each month until you cancel) -- any month to month purchases made on the 28 - 31 of the month will be drafted on the 28th of each month, other rules and restrictions may apply.  ** 

$20.00 monthly