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*PINK WEDNESDAY DEALS* 11.22.21-11.29-21

Products are a first come first serve basis, there may be products still listed as available that just sold out. We will contact if this happens, and either exchange for comparable or refund purchase amount to card paid with.

ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE PICKED UP IN STORE BY 11.29.2021 otherwise a 25% re-stocking fee will apply and the rest will be refunded.

Please contact us with any questions before purchasing a deal or signing up if you are unsure of what they are, we can also take orders over the phone 716-221-6868 . Also you can email

Rules and restrictions apply, not all deals are available online! See us for details.

WE CANNOT SHIP due to contracts with our suppliers, products must be picked up. THANK YOU AND HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


30 Days All UV
  • 30-Day Pass:

      • Use of all UV levels
      • $30 off Top Shelf Bottle of Lotion

    ** 30-Day Consecutive Pass starts day of purchase and ends on the 30th day. **

    SAVE by entering our Deluxe Club that is only $88.88 monthly

    plus 40% retail savings all the time on products!


30 Day Pass Entry Level

30-Day Pass:

    • Use of all Level 1 EX 
    • Upgrade a single visit to any UV Level for $10
    • Members get upgrades for $5
    • Get all UV for just a bit more for the 30-day Pass

** Package starts day of purchase and ends on 30th consecutive day **



1 Regular Spray Tan

Indulge yourself in Spray Tan Glory!

Choose from FOUR color levels.

Our Ultra Vivid Bronzing Solution from Norvell Combines their Catalina Violet and Venetian Brown undertones for naturally looking, gorgeous color!

Or pick Gradual Clear at no extra charge. 

We always include the pH balancing PREP spray which helps color develop faster and lock in better. We also perfect your spray with a Double Spray of Moisturizer which helps keep your tan for days longer!


Spray expires in 14 days. Additional sprays will add 14 days each to expiration.



Double Leg Spray Tan

Take your spray to the next level with Double Legs!

Pamper your legs so they hold up to shaving and fade more evenly with 4 extra leg only passes added into your spray routine! The double leg options gives your legs a little extra pop of color, they happen to be the hardest part of our body to tan, this packs the needed punch to get them bronze and gorgeous!



1 Smile Teeth Whitening Session

 Normally $200

Get 1 free each month in our deluxe club!

 The BleachBright BB-Cool Advanced III LED light is the finest bleaching system money can buy. This teeth whitening lamp harnesses LED blue light technology to deliver 2-8 shades whiter in just 20 minutes guaranteed! It accelerates the teeth whitening process giving you fast, immediate results on the spot. We always include BLUMINERALS with every 20 minute whitening session. 

bluminerals™ protects your whitening by sealing the pores of the teeth to prevent them from absorbing stains and maintains their sparkly white color

bluminerals™ includes potassium nitrate to soothe the sensitivity experienced by some people after whitening their teeth

bluminerals™ has sodium fluoride to strengthen enamel

bluminerals™ takes only an additional 10 minutes! 

* People with tooth decay, or gum disease should not use this sytem * There are no known side effects of using while pregant but we would suggest avoiding this treatment as a precaution. 

We need parent permission for anyone under 18 years of age. This system will only whiten natural teeth.

There may be a sensivity after your treatment and we give blueminerals afterwards which stops sensativity, rebuilds enamal and seals pores to prevent staining. Avoid drinking dark colored drinks for a day after your session unless you use blueminerals after.

We offer a 100% satisfaction promise, if you aren't entirely happy we will issue a credit to your account to get a free gel kit at your next treatment.


1 Poly Sessions

Enjoy a 20 Minute session under our amazing POLY LED Right Light Session.

Use it standing, in our zero gravity massage chair or pair it with a inrared gemstone heated mat.

Our spa suite includes TV with apps for your viewing pleasure. 

Each session expires in 7 days, extra session will add 7 days to expiration.


1 Red Light Bed Session (or any UV)

1 Session in our Red light bed OR any of our UV beds. 


1 Entry UV Session

1 Session in our 20 minute UV bed. 




$100 Gift Card

This will be loaded into the account you are purchasing it under.

You can request it be added to your account to spend later,

OR we can ship a gift card to whomever at no extra charge.

If you want to grab it in person, that is fine too!

Email to arrange pick up. 

Thank you for supporting locally owned business!


$200 Gift Card

This will be loaded into the account you are purchasing it under.

You can request it be added to your account to spend later,

OR we can ship a gift card to whomever at no extra charge.

If you want to grab it in person, that is fine too!

Email to arrange pick up. 

Thank you for supporting locally owned business!


1 Selfie Primer and 1 Sealer gets FREE Shower Tan Mitt

Your tanning mitt is one of the best tools you have to maintain an even tan and keep your skin smooth and beautiful. One of the most important self-tanning accessories, the tanning mitt is something you won’t want to be without when maintaining a sun-kissed glow.

The new and improved 2-in-1 Self-Tanning Applicator Mitt by Selfie® lets you easily smooth self-tanning lotions, creams, mousses and oils onto your skin while providing light exfoliation for a perfect, flawless tan every time. The Self-Tanning Applicator Mitt features a soft, lightly textured silk-like fabric cover that glides over the skin and an inner, water-resistant barrier that keeps your hands from becoming stained.

Our Selfie® Applicator Mitt allows streak-free application of your self tan, ideal for use with lotions, mousses and sprays!



10oz Assorted Candles $25 Now $5
No Description


3-in-1 Tote Bonnet Masque All In One $20 75% Off
No Description


Assorted Bags $25 95% Off
No Description


Assorted Belly Button Bags $15 Now $5
No Description


Assorted Hand Sanitizers Originally $5-$30 Now $2.00

Hempz Triple Moisture Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is an all-in-one sanitizer and moisturizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs and leaves skin soft and hydrated. This hand sanitizer is lightly-scented with a refreshing blend of enchanted grapefruit and sparkling peach. It's enriched with coconut oil, mango seed butter, and vitamins A and E to moisturize and condition skin with every application.


Assorted No Name Brand Sunglasses $25.00 Now $5
No Description


Assorted T-Shirt, Hoodie, Clothes Originally $25-$55 Now $5
No Description